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Tied to the dungeon walls with no love to spare

Sakai Michiba
14 April 1987
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My masterlist of fanfiction, including links to all archives.

My current WIP fanfiction you should definitely check out:

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Summary: When Draco Malfoy forcefeeds Harry Potter Sectumsempra Animi, a unique love potion, he takes great pleasure in using Harry's confusion and extreme infatuation to torture and make Harry absolutely miserable.
Rating: Very mature
Warnings: All kinds of kinky things, dub-con included.
Location: Here!

I will also be participating in 100quills. My claim is Remus Lupin, and here is my posting table!
001.Admire. 002.Joke. 003.Cold. 004.Stories. 005.Start Over.
006.Roses. 007.Foot. 008.Delight. 009.Wishes. 010.News.
011.Strength. 012.Scream. 013.Trust. 014.Blind. 015.Spoken.
016.Bells. 017.Sun. 018.Pain. 019.Price. 020.Sight.
021.Dangerous. 022.Ugly. 023.Signal. 024.Curtain. 025.Veins.
026.Futile. 027.Poetry. 028.Blossom. 029.Dusk. 030.Change.
031.Wait. 032.Power. 033.Torn. 034.Disturbed. 035.Reputation.
036.Immortal. 037.Where? 038.Impression. 039.Meaning. 040.Chill.
041.Devotion. 042.Gravity. 043.Now. 044.Wall. 045.Blaze.
046.Swirl. 047.Hold. 048.Goodbye. 049.Fight. 050.Escape.
051.Understand. 052.Suffer. 053.Burst. 054.Listen. 055.Strange.
056.Dark. 057.Worry. 058.Ragged. 059.Thorn. 060.Key.
061.Sanity. 062.Cloud. 063.Touch. 064.Nothing. 065.Spark.
066.Light. 067.Limits. 068.Surrender. 069.Again. 070.Harm.
071.Draw. 072.Liquid. 073.Regret. 074.Right. 075.Revenge.
076.Anticipation. 077.Argument. 078.Early. 079.Joy. 080.Breakdown.
081.Second. 082.Worse. 083.Satisfaction. 084.Destruction. 085.Apart.
086.Insubstantial. 087.Revelation. 088.Drift. 089.Solemn. 090.Reach.
091.Echo. 092.Dawn. 093.Shadow. 094.Pointless. 095.Restless.
096.Embers. 097.Mess. 098.Gone. 099.Ruin. 100.Gamble.