Sakai Michiba (sakaim) wrote,
Sakai Michiba


I've gone off of hiatus! I can't wait to see all of you again!

So, my current project is: Finishing Sectumsempra Animi.

Then: The Sky Was Orange.

I'm excited about coming back into the community, and I'm looking forward to seeing old friends!

I should probably tell you guys what happened to me, so you're not all -haaate-, so...

I moved. Twice. Once was across the country. I went back to school, and I'm about to graduate (this week) before going to a different school to get my Wildlife and Fisheries degree in the Fall. I'm getting married in like two weeks. I got heavily addicted to World of Warcraft roleplay, and so I've been doing that as well. I work and volunteer and all that jazz...but lately I've got the itch to finish my old fics and write the ones I had outlined.

So there. Don't hate me. :3
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